About Dame Marie

Dame Marie is 18.73 north of the equator and has a Cacao loving rainfall of 2100mm. Cacao is found in lower evelations. 

Our Team. 


Miller Bellvue is a Connecticut navtive born in Dame Marie. He has unique prespective valuing the natural beauty of the Grand Anse.

Chief Agromonist

Madame Claudette St. Hilaire is a retired Agromonist technician from the Ministry of Agriculture.  She specialized in nurseries.

Cacao Adviser

Wller Rapheal has been in the Cacao industry for 20 Years as a farmer and buyer


Operational Director

Bazile is a Director of the Montange School.  He was previously the Secertary of the Red Cross in Dame Marie. 


St Hilaire

A local business leader. Berge previous was a professor at Fatima School.

Skilled technicans 

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