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South Brookfield, Haiti

The tree nursery  

150 mph winds uprooted 70% of the coconut trees. Adult mango and breadfruit trees were snapped in half.

July 2nd,  2017

I am John McEnroe of West Brookfield and i am returning to the Grand Anse, Haiti July 3rd.  If you remember the Grand Anse was leveled by Hurricane Mathew.  The relief effort has been minimal and the Grand Anse has slid from a stage 2 famine into a stage 4 famine. 


If you would like to brighten a Haitian farmers day.

1. Chose a farmer on the Grand Anse Farmer page.  Prenom means first name.

2. Click on the Paypal button.  Xoom.com is Paypal international

3. enter name and use the address "rue Goudin, Goudin and Grand Anse for State.

4. Email GrandAnse@gmail.com with a confirmation number and your name.  Both will be needed for pick up.

I have spoken with a few locals and there is a general interest in learning more about the Grand Anse.   Please visit Southbrookfield.org or email me at Grandanse@gmail.com

The lambi player