October 9th, 2016


As i was trying to sleep in what Hurricane Matthew left of my Grand Anse cottage.  I struggled with how to best help my neighbors and friends who lost everything and at that moment were trying sleep under broken trees.


 I knew big NGOs would trickle down a little money for food, battle logistics of delivery making my neighbors walk for miles to a town for a couple days food.  I thought why not let the marketplace solve the logistics.  If you give a donation directly to a farmer.  Rice merchant and roofing merchants will move quickly to met the demand.  Farmers can walk with dignity into town and buy a weeks food, nails or what ever they believe is most important.  

Large NGOs badly mismanaged donations after the earthquake. Give the Haitian people a chance to manage donations themselves.

 We finally live in an era where we can help people from anywhere in the world directly.   From my home in the Goudin, Grand Anse, Haiti i met with farmers.  The farmers quickly grasped the idea and by noon i had 300 ID cards photographed.  

The farmers know how ineffective NGOs are and believe the best help is direct.   Today they walk to the big towns, like Dame Marie, and after a 3 hour wait get 2 days worth of food.  With direct aid you can send them money ($80) for a month of food or roof tins and nails to build a new roof ($110).  Choose a farmer send the money via moneygram or Western Union,  then email Grandanse@gmail.com  your name, your email, the amount and the farmer's name. 


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