Haitian Cacao

The planting of Cacao in Haiti started in the 17th Century. The history of the early planting of Cacao in the Grand Anse has been lost over time.  but we may be able to recover some of those early planting.

Heirloom Cacao


The southern coast of Haiti was a wild, free country with smugglers, pirates, planters and traders.  The Cacao here was considered comparable to the Venezuelan. A big blast in the 18th century wiped out the trade.  Haiti has been replanted with hardier breeds, but Anacaona group tries to seek out old Heirloom Cacao 



Anacaona has selected products rare origins




The Criollo Cocoa : Criollo, a rare cocoa recognizable by its dried fruit and blond tobacco flavors. It is reserved for use in only the very finest chocolates.

Le Trinitario :

Trinitario: arisen to Trinidad from the natural crossing between Criollo and Forrestao, it arrived in Haiti at the 19th century.

Trinitario is characterized by the diversity in the color of its pods going of the bright yellow to the garnet.

This cocoa offers a great richness of flavour. Fruity with slightly acid notes. Today it enters the composition of the finest dark chocolates.

Valley of Mont Mamel

Local Mayors hope we can bring a project to this area.  

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