Demonstration of Fermentation process 

Miller Bellvue, the president of Anacaona, will have 2-3000 pods and fermentation boxes ready for a demonstration in November.  Our team of men and women who crack the pods and ferment will be in attendance as well as students scholarshiped by the group.

Open for business!

Restoring the building granted to Ancaona

The Towm of Dame Marie granted Anacaona Groupe a seaside office. Restoration has been a process!  But it is looking very beautiful.

Audubon Society Calenders distributed to schools and business in Dame Marie

Creating awareness of the enivorment is a nesscessary step.  

Bird Sanctuary

The 18 acre Ancaona McEnroe Bird Sanctuary was donated by the McEnroe Family to protect an ocean front marshland.  We hope to purchase another 40 acres in the watershed.  We need help in designing safe roosts for birds.

Added new books to our collection

It is a small collection, mostly of Agriculture, Birding and Geography.

Restoration of the Hot Spring, Source Chaudes.

A team of  masons and mules carrying cement and iron made the day trip to this most remote area of 

Haiti.  THe local Mayor hopes we can bring a Cacao project to this forgotten land.

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