Quality Cultivators and Best practices.

Any Haitian Agricultural project should start with a quality seed.  Many new cultivators not found in Haiti, Plantain, Cacao, Chickens, Goats, Palms et cetera can double or triple production. Using Best Practices yields have demonstrated equal changes in yields. Any Haitian Agricultural project should start here.

 Lambi Ranch

Creating a Conch Farm.  We have been able to find the egg masses, now we need lab equipment to help the outgrow the larvae stage.

the local catch has had a higher percentage of juveniles in the last few years.

Woma Kay

A simple, cheap artifical reef commonly used in Cuba and Mexico.

Sea Cucumbers

Like Cacao a great product for the Grand Anse.  a highily portable product that requires no electricity to process!

Goat breeding

Haiti's goats lack quality gentinetic  diversity.  Hefier International has imported quality goats.

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