The Grand Anse has lots of fallen trees that can be used and shaped by machete.    Nails, 2x4s and roofing tins can be ordered by Local, and I mean Dame Marie, Moron, Irois merchants.   The Grand Anse is destroyed why hurt the merchants and bosses who have lost so much.

Carpenters  use mostly country wood and there is lots of it.

Dame Marie 

Boss bwa  

culsoir fanor 47108494

Ti Riviere

Bos Bwa  

 William  xxxx-xxxx


Bos Cement

Blan  4359-8448

Deux amis depo  36371397

Cement, Iron and tins

Depo Pa Nou 46258400

rice, oil food 


God id Good Depot
Deux Amis Depot
Depot panou

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